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Manga creation for SNS


Perfect for posting on SNS! Manga production service with various themes

Manga creation service for SNS is a manga creation service for SNS that enjoys drawing various themes.

At Universal Play Japan, we focus on child development support and after-school day care services operated by our company, and we provide the content in the form of comics. ▶︎ See the actual manga

Please rest assured that we will respond flexibly to a variety of themes and requests, not just for children's treatment.

In addition, the creators who create the manga are users of the employment support service ` `Universal Work Japan '' operated by our company.

We create original manga according to the customer's requests, and enjoy creating manga about the flow of work, the contents of medical treatment, and various other themes.


Commitment and production quality in manga creation

> Commitment and quality

As the environment for producing manga, we used `` CLIP STUDIO '', which is said to be the favorite of most professional manga artists.

We use WACOM for LCD tablets to provide higher quality manga works.

Our creators are experienced illustrators who can respond to any request, and we will create a product in line with the customer's desired content, including the type of pen, color, and atmosphere .

> What we aim for in manga production

By introducing various themes and business scenes as comics on SNS, we aim to convey what our customers want to convey to users in a fun way.

Through this service, we add new appeal to content and help provide "fun" and "inspiration" to more users.

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