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Employment support


Aiming to raise the average wage for people with disabilities

At Universal Work Japan, our company's B-type employment support facility, we aim to achieve the legal employment rate for people with disabilities and raise the wage level for employment support, which is currently low.

Based on the reality that the average wage for people with disabilities is between 180 yen and 230 yen per hour, we are breaking down the common wisdom of low wages for working with people with disabilities and supporting them to live dignified lives.

We reduce social inequality and give top priority to the ``lifestyle'' and ``stability'' of people with disabilities.


・Be able to work with a positive mindset

With a sense of mission and passion, employment support staff support the self-realization and improvement of self-esteem of people with disabilities.

At Universal Work Japan, we have created a curriculum to provide people with disabilities with appropriate training and support so that they can improve their skills, gain confidence, and increase their self-esteem so that they can actively participate in the job market.

In addition to providing support tailored to individual needs, we strive to help people with disabilities build their own careers and take the first step toward success by creating a work environment that allows them to work with a positive mindset.

・"Even I can do it here...!!"

> Continue because you like it, acquire skills because it's fun

With Universal Work Japan's employment support, you can work using digital skills that will lead to the future, rather than general factory work or simple work.

In order to ensure that anyone can step up, they can proceed at their own pace while being supported by specialized staff, and while fully understanding each person's characteristics and disabilities, we will work with them to develop their skills based on their "likes" and You can work in a way that suits your ``fun.''

We also have farm work available, so please feel free to contact us.

> List of employment support facilities
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