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Reliable provision that gives parents more peace of mind

``Lnavi'', developed for children's day care support facilities, is a comprehensive support system that can deepen ties with parents and provide a sense of security.

Real-time notifications and digital signatures at the time of pick-up and drop-off enable accurate information sharing, improving service transparency and reliability.

In addition, personal information is strictly protected using the latest security measures, ensuring the privacy of users and employees who use the app.

This service aims to provide future-proof services that can quickly respond to ever-changing legal revisions and provide support in line with the trends and demands of the times.


Complete with LINE , equipped with 3 safety functions

> Notification function of shuttle arrival time

One of the functions for parents is the ``Pick-up and drop-off arrival time preview function'', which will send a message from LINE talk when the child is picked up and dropped off. With this function, parents can know in advance the uncertain arrival time, and avoid complaints due to changes in arrival time and the hassle of contacting parents.

> Digital signature function

With this digital signature function, which makes the procedure after using the facility even smarter, you can check your child's usage record with a simple one-click operation. By doing so, you can minimize the hassle after using the facility, and the confirmation stamp you receive will be automatically reflected in the performance sheet managed by the facility.

> Automatic entry of facility usage time

The automatic entry function for facility usage time is a new convenient feature that allows you to manage your child's usage time more accurately and effortlessly. When your child simply presses the start/stop button, the time will be automatically entered in the "Usage Record Sheet", eliminating the need for manual or manual input.

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Easy with LINE

​Mom and dad collaboration

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