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Child development support


What is Universal Play Japan's child development support?

Universal Play Japan's child development support provides support tailored to each child's unique developmental stage and needs, supporting a path to growth that parents can feel at ease with.

Our unique treatment program, supervised by treatment experts, emphasizes stimulation of learning and development through play, and helps children increase their self-confidence and demonstrate their true potential while respecting diversity. Masu

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・The optimal environment for treatment

Our facility provides a clean and comfortable environment based on security and trust.

Our experienced and kind staff will design and implement a treatment program tailored to your child's individuality and characteristics.

During this period of rapid growth, your child will grow up healthy both mentally and physically, gradually overcoming the barriers of disability, and acquiring the basic abilities of thinking, judgment, and expression, which are the basic abilities of a human being.

・Characteristics of support

> Individual treatment program

We respect your child's unique developmental stage and individuality, and provide a customized treatment program tailored to your child's needs and interests.

As your child grows, we will help you prevent language delays and tantrums, help you change your mind, and improve your dexterity.

We continuously monitor the child's development, modify the program, provide advice to parents, and keep the treatment method in the optimal condition so that the child can bring out their full potential and grow while increasing their self-esteem. Masu.

> List of child development support facilities
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