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Creating a website for facilities


What is the website creation service for welfare facilities?

In the "website creation service for welfare facilities" provided by Universal Play Japan Co., Ltd., a dedicated designer works directly with the customer to maximize the expression of the philosophy and initiatives of the customer's facility, and to create a website for parents and other stakeholders. We propose and create websites that can strengthen communication with institutions.

We create a branding environment that gives users peace of mind through a clean and easy-to-read homepage.

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・Sophisticated design and ease of use

The homepages we create are designed to be easy to read, attractive, and easy to use.

It uses a friendly interface and intuitive navigation, vividly expressing the attractions of the facility and its activities.

This not only increases opportunities for parents and local residents to take an interest in the facility and encourage its use, but also supports mobile versions and improves accessibility, making it easier for more people to access the facility. We provide.

・Lectures and support system

By introducing the facility's programs and initiatives in detail with an easy-to-understand UI and strengthening communication with customers, we maximize the results of traffic to the homepage.

We also set aside time to give lectures to facility personnel about how to operate a website after creating it, update blogs, etc.

This way, you don't have to worry about how to maintain the site after it is created, and you can freely customize the site design (change the wording, replace photos, etc.) if necessary.

Of course, we also have services that do the work on your behalf, so you can feel safe when requesting it.

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