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After school day service


Aiming to provide support that suits people's characteristics and allows them to make the most of their individuality

At Universal Play Japan's after-school day services, we provide a place where children can expand their future possibilities, cultivate the ability to shine in their own way, acquire skills, and maximize their love.

We understand each child's individuality and developmental stage, and aim to create a place where children can feel at ease, learn, and grow according to their individual needs and likes.

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・Create a place for each person

By combining therapeutic child development support and after-school day services, we provide comprehensive support for your child's growth and future.

We provide support customized to each child's individual needs, and provide emotional support by focusing on the characteristics and needs of each child, while alleviating parents' concerns about the future.

In addition, children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, etc. can attend our school with peace of mind, and we strive to ``create a place for the mind'' which is important in preparing children for the future. .

・Creative support for the future

> Explore and discover the future through creativity

Looking to the future, we help children explore the fascinating world of digital skills and creativity, equipping them with knowledge and creativity for the digital world of tomorrow.

We help children create their own ideas, develop the ability to solve problems in innovative ways, and develop exploration and self-expression skills.

> List of child development support facilities
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