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From digital skills for the future to academic supplements

In recent years, education methods have diversified, and an increasing number of children are unable to fit into traditional schools.

At the free school "Universal Support Class", you can learn the digital skills needed in the future society, as well as supplement your academic studies and school attendance.

We value the importance of children learning and growing based on their own interests and abilities, and provide a flexible curriculum that differs from traditional schools, providing support tailored to individual needs.


・Career development that takes advantage of individuality and discovering your own value

Universal support classes provide a learning environment that helps students discover and develop their individual strengths.

A career that emphasizes individuality (humanity, knowledge, technology, success) so that you can respect other people's feelings, value discipline and rules, set clear goals, find your own place of learning, and continue to grow. We aim to develop

・Create a place where you can continue to visit

> A system that allows you to find "fun" on your own

We have developed a unique curriculum that is different from traditional schools and is practical and captivates children's interests.

This allows children to immerse themselves in interesting themes and activities while learning at their own pace.

As a result, children will enjoy learning and feel joy in their own growth.

We also believe that through group activities in class, children feel the joy of collaborating with friends and demonstrating their creativity, which leads to a sense of ``place'' for children.

> List of employment support facilities
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