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Creating a universal society beyond “disability”


Universal Play Japan Co., Ltd. strives for the healthy development of child welfare and education businesses.

We aim to develop into a universal society where children can overcome disabilities and language barriers, learn, grow, and become independent.



Looking at the future from every perspective

We provide an environment where each person can discover their own characteristics and talents and develop them to the fullest.


We believe that talent requires a love of the field.

There is an educational environment that provides universal training and multidisciplinary support, regardless of whether the child is an adult, child, or has a disability.



That is perhaps our greatest strength.


-   vision -

Universal Play Japan consistently supports children's growth from childhood to adulthood, helping them develop skills and confidence for the future.

Starting with child development support, learning through after-school day services, deepening knowledge at correspondence high schools, and seizing opportunities to shine in society while receiving employment support.

This is our vision, combining learning and play, while valuing connections with society.

We provide a place to develop your individuality

-List of business details   -


Child development support

After school day service

Employment continuation support type B

free school

English conversation school