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English conversation school


Unipre’s exclusive IT skills and practical English kids school

English conversation school "Unipre" is the largest IT educational facility in the city.

Unlike regular English conversation classes, at Unipre, you can learn ``really usable English'' taught by native instructors through e-sports and programming, allowing children to not only acquire IT skills and English, but also learn while having fun and get bored. We provide an environment where you can continue without any worries.


・Support system provided by experienced instructors

At Unipre, we have multiple professionals working to develop your child's abilities, including experienced native speakers.

In addition to providing technical support, our staff members constantly consult with each other to come up with programs to maintain children's motivation and teaching methods that are suitable for each child, and we work hard every day to ensure that children improve their skills.

・Improve skills and expressiveness necessary for the future

> Kitakyushu City's largest equipment facility

Equipped with the latest gaming PCs and over 30 gaming chairs, as well as tablets.

> Thorough support from specialized instructors

Our specialized instructors will always supervise your child, respecting their independence, and supporting them, which will lead to their steady growth.

> Clean, spacious classrooms and small class size so you can concentrate on class

Classes are held in small groups so that children can concentrate on learning , and the classroom environment is always clean and tidy, which improves concentration.

> List of employment support facilities
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